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    ATLAS 2000
    Hand Reader
The first Biometric Hand  Reader with a standard Color Touchscreen, facilitating easy Employee Self-Service features that are built-in.

The first Hand Reader to offer WiFi Communications.


Time and Attendance Software

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InfiniTime OnLine Time and Attendance Software as a Service
Price: Starting at $722.50
InfiniTime OnLine Time and Attendance Software as a Service
InfiniTime OnLine Time and Attendance Software as a Service. This Software is Hosted on one of our secure servers, for access by your user(s). The fees are based on Per Month/Per Employee count. Additional Fees include one-time Setup and Training.
InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software
Price: Starting at $1,191.00
InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software
InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software for large enterprises or growing companies with remote offices. A robust Time and Atendance Solution powered by the (included), Oracle database and designed with ease of use in mind. Customizable User Interface.

Simply Choose to Purchase and Install your Time and Attendance Software or choose Hosted Software-as-a-Service....either version provides the Same Feature Set and Same User Interface.

Time and Attendance Software is the "engine" that processes and calculates a company's Time Keeping Hours by applying pre-configured policies within the software. These policies, can be based on tenure or created for similiar employee groups. Automatically computer Benefit Accrual Hours with the Time and Attendance Software.

InfiniTime Time and Attendance Manager Screen

Larger companies may require
a more sophisticated Time Attendance Software

This type of time and attendance software must be compatible with Wide Area Networks, typically found where the corporate office needs to connect to and "extend" timekeeping functions to the remote office(s), via the companies V.P.N. 

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Employee Self Service:

Time Attendance Software provides both the collection of employee Punches from the time clock, as well as Employee Self Service functions, such as Request Time Off, View and Print Time Cards, all via the use of a Web Browser on a user's workstation
InfiniTime Employee Self Service Screenshot
InfiniTime Time and Attendance Employee Self Service

Manager Dashboards:

In addition, the Time and Attendance Software supports managerial functions such as Time and Analysis Reporting, data correction and hours approval processes.

Manager(s), working locally or remotely can concurrently log-in to a fully customized Dashboard in the Time and Attendance Software. Security Roles are applied to each user's login, to control what parts of the software are accessable and what proceses are allowed.

InfiniTime Manager Dashboard Screenshot1
InfiniTime Manager Dashboard Screenshot2

InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software's Manager Dashboard

Time and Attendance Software Kiosk

Software Time Clocks:

Others use only the Time and Attendance Software (no clocks) for thier seated workforce
, where Employees Punch In/Out, Request Time Off, and Print thier own Reports all from the comfort of their own desk.

Some companies setup a dedicated PC, as a Time and Attendance Software Kiosk to facilitate all employees have access to payroll and time keeping data.

InfiniTime Punch Module Screenshot

Time and Attendance Software Employee Time Clocks

Biometric Time and Attendance Clocks:

Also, the Time and Attendance Software and connects the Biometric Time and Attendance Clocks or Fingerprint Time Clock on the System.

For the Software Developer or Company that wants to apply thier own calculations on the punch data stored in the time clock terminal, we offer Time and Attendance Software that simply Polls the Hand Punch Time Clock device and stores those transactions in a database.

Don't settle for an inferior Time and Attendance Software Solution...partner with us and utilize our 50+ Years of Expertise to ensure a successful implementation of Time Attendance Software.