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    ATLAS 2000
    Hand Reader
The first Biometric Hand  Reader with a standard Color Touchscreen, facilitating easy Employee Self-Service features that are built-in.

The first Hand Reader to offer WiFi Communications.


A. Pay Period (number per year):



B. Number of Employees:



C. Hourly Wage of Payroll Staff:


$ / hour


D. Hourly Employees' Average Wage:


$ / hour


E. Number of Hours in Work Week:



  F. Number of Work Weeks per Year:     work weeks
  G. Minutes Spent Calculating 1 Time Card:     minutes
  H. Time Theft per Employee per Day:     minutes
  I. Margin of Error:     %

  Manual Calculations Waste Time
The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates that about 2½ minutes is spent manually adding each employee's time card.

J. Time Saved per Year (A x B x G / 60):


  K. Annual Savings (J x C):  


  Errors in Manual Calculations
When totaling employee hours manually with a calculator, human errors are bound to occur and go unnoticed. The APA estimates that manual payroll has an error rate of at least 1%.

L. Annual Gross Payroll (B x D x E x F):

  M. Annual Savings (L x I):  


  Reduction of Time Theft
Tardy arrivals, early departures, long breaks and lunches are all examples of employee time theft that can be eliminated by an automated Time & Attendance system. The APA estimates as much as 5 minutes per day are lost due to these factors.

N. Time Saved per Year (B x F x 5 x H / 60):


  O. Annual Savings (D x N):  


  Total Return on Investment
Add up the savings from manual calculations that are no longer necessary, reduction of errors and the elimination of time theft, and you'll see that a Jantek Time & Attendance system will pay for itself in less than a year.

P. Total Annual Savings (K + M + O):  


To be conservative, this study is based upon saving approximately 1.5% of your gross payroll, however the APA estimates that most companies will save closer to 5% of gross payroll costs.