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    ATLAS 2000
    Hand Reader
The first Biometric Hand  Reader with a standard Color Touchscreen, facilitating easy Employee Self-Service features that are built-in.

The first Hand Reader to offer WiFi Communications.


Time Attendance Tracking

Time and Attendance Tracking has taken on several forms over the years for our wide array of customers.
If it is a single job site or your companies corporate office that only requires a Punch In and Out, with a computed daily hours total, to track time and attendance...we can Help.
Or, if your business requires Time Attendance Tracking that also monitors punches for, Pair Breaks, UnPaid Lunches, Employee Schedules and provides detailed reporting via Exception tracking and attendance codes, such as Tardy, Long Lunch, Short Break, Absents...we can Help.
For Trucking and Transportation companies that are required to maintain and accurately track D.O.T. (Department of Transportation), such as the D.O.T. Rule One and D.O.T. Rule Two hours for truck driver employees, or the DOT Off-Duty Rule and DOT Seven Days Rule for their drivers...we can Help.
For the business that wants to track Time and Labor Distribution accross multiple Departments, Jobs, or Tasks...we can Help.
More sophisticated features of a robust Time and Attendance Tracking system are abilities of the system to, Average previously worked hours to determine state or federal Holiday Pay. Automatic Accruals and the ability of the system to "Bank" any unused/unpaid benefit hours for vacation, sick or PTO paycode types...we can Help.
Don't settle for an inferior Time and Attendance Solution...partner with us and utilize our 50+ Years Expertise to ensure a successful implementation of the robust Time Attendance Software we offer.