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    ATLAS 2000
    Hand Reader
The first Biometric Hand  Reader with a standard Color Touchscreen, facilitating easy Employee Self-Service features that are built-in.

The first Hand Reader to offer WiFi Communications.


ThorBio Fingerprint Time Attendance Clock

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Price: $1,995.00
Item Number: ThorBio
Manufacturer: InfiniTime

                     ThorBio Time Attendance Clock Datasheet

Time and Attendance wants to introduce your company to the ThorBio Fingerprint or PIN Entry Time and Attendance Clock,
With the ThorBio employees can clock-in for work and perform various Employee Self Service function(s), right from the clock. Your managers won’t have to stop to communicate and administer employee request for Time and HR Data...the employee can perform Employee Self Service. The ThorBio comes standard with a built-in Ethernet connection allowing for quick integration into your InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software application and existing network infrastructure.

Since the user is identified by fingerprint identification – costly “buddy punching” is reduced. This means that one employee can’t punch in for the other.
Anatomy of Employee SelfService Time Clock

Features and Benefits:

     • Connect to your existing time and attendance application and network infrastructure with built-in Ethernet
     • Supports up to 1,500 users
     • Rugged scratch-resistant optical sensor
     • Reads fingerprints and/or PINs
     • Color TFT screen with Graphical Interface for ease of use
     • Built-in Serial, Wiegand in/out and Ethernet ports
     • Relay contacts for alarm, bell, lock, exit switch, etc
     • 8 user-defined function keys, utilized for Employee Self Service functions
     • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers    


This Fingerprint Time Attendance Clock includes:

  • ThorBio Fingerprint Time and Attendance Clock
    (Up to 1500 Employees on physical time clock)
    **OEM Code is compatible with InfiniTime Software polling
  • Power Supply 
  • StarScrew Screwdriver
  • Wall Mounting Plate with mounting hardware
  • Wiring Harness for Relay, Signal Control 

 Anatomy of the ThorBio Time Attendance Clock - Self-Service Terminal for Employees and Superviors.

Of course the Thor Fingerprint Time Clock Terminal functions as a "Time Clock", to allow Employees to Punch In/Out, Collects Department and Job Hours entries...while at the same time Eliminating Employee Buddy-Punching for those processes.

This "Time Clock" functions as a information Kiosk for Employees and Supervisors to access vital Time and Attendance information...The InfiniTime ThorBio provides just this level of Functionality!!

  • The Thor Time Clock Terminal provides an Employee Self Service Kiosk:

           1. Employees can View  time cards on clock's display and Print their Time Cards to a connected Network
               Printer...right from the clock!! 
           2. Employees can access and View Benefit Hours, Pay Period Work Hours, Last Punch, etc....right
               from the clock!!             
           3. Employees can communicate with superviosr to Request Time Off, put in a Request for a Work 
               Schedule Change and read the superviors response...right from the clock!!

  • The Thor Time Clock Terminal provides a Self Service Kiosk for Superviors:

           1. Supervisors can View and Print Reports such as,  In / Out status of employees...right from the
           2. Supervisors can Enter Off-Time such as Vacation and Sick Time Hours for absent employees...right 
               from the clock!!            
           3. Supervisors can reply to (and Authorize and Deny) employee's previous requests for Time Off or 
               Schedule Changes...right from the clock!!

InfiniTime ThorBio