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InfiniTime Scout HP1000e Time and Attendance System

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Price: Starting at $2,941.00
Manufacturer: InfiniTime

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                 HP1000E Time Attendance Clock Datasheet

                 InfiniTime Time Attendance Software Datasheet

Time and Attendance wants to introduce your company to the InfiniTime 7.0 Time and Attendance Software for large enterprises or growing companies with remote offices.
This Time Tracking Software is also an easy choice for a smaller company with one computer...the set of feature(s) bundled in the standard software makes InfiniTime a wise and cost effective solution.

A robust Time and Attendance Solution powered by an Oracle database (included with your purchase), and designed with ease of use in mind, with a customizable User Interface and addressing all of your HR and Payroll requirements.
InfiniTime Time Tracking Software
InfiniTime 7.0 focuses on the effective management of your workforce, ensures compliance and manages your current pay policies as well as complex business rules.

When it comes to Workforce Management, InfiniTime Software easily integrates with other applications such as Payroll and HR, providing you with a comprehensive solution to manage the data capture for payroll, ensuring compliance and allowing your organization to focus on increased productivity through our solution.

The InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software is a solution that will provide your firm with more accurate and equitable pay for the employee population, improved communication about their schedules and time worked and the timely delivery of data to relevant personnel to ensure an increase in productivity.

With Time and Attendace Tracking optimized your Payroll and Human Resource management staff will have time to focus on employee satisfaction and retention, and growth.
This complete Time Attendance Software Kit includes:
  • InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software (based on chosen employee capacity)
  • Oracle 10g Database, and database management tools
  • Extensive User Manual and Help Files accessed from within the installed software 
  • Un-Limited Multi-User Network License included at no charge (allows an unlimited number of supervisors to be able to access the software) 
  • Time Attendance Software Manager Module 
  • Time Attendance Software Employee Self Service Module  
  • Time Attendance Software Employee Punch Module
  • Scout HandPunch 1000e Time and Attendance Clock (Up to 100 Employees on Physical Time Clock)

InfiniTime Time Attendance System Requirements:
  • The InfiniTime 7.0 software will only run the following Windows operating systems. Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and Win 2008 R2, Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate (no Home) and Windows.
  • No Oracle experience neccessary when installing or using our software (InfiniTime is its own Database).
  • Capability of unlimited employee counts (network multi-users or stand alone).
  • Run InfiniTime on your Local L.A.N (Local Area Network).
  • Run InfiniTime on your W.A.N. with outstanding performance (Wide Area Networks, typically found with companies that have remote offices where Managers are required to access InfiniTime accross T1 or other high-speed data lines).
  • Server requires: RAM= 4GB or greater and 6GB hard drive space.
  • Workstation PC's requires: Web Browser and PDF Reader (to render reports).
  • **latest versions of, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome
InfiniTime Software