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    ATLAS 2000
    Hand Reader
The first Biometric Hand  Reader with a standard Color Touchscreen, facilitating easy Employee Self-Service features that are built-in.

The first Hand Reader to offer WiFi Communications.


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 Company Overview for Time and Attendance  

     What We Do
Our Mission
We supply products for Time and Attendance tracking and systems to manage a firms largest cost center, which is employee Labor. We have a laser-like focus on our client's needs and have been dedicated to businesses since our beginnings in 1962. 
Our Mission is to partner with any company which recognizes that the key to successfully implementing a solution for Time and Attendance is to partner with a professional firm that can perform all of the services neccessary to reach that goal.
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Time and Attendance Software

Three powerful User Interface modules included with your Time and Attendance Software purchase.

500 to 5000+ Employees...

InfiniTime is the Time & Attendance software for large enterprises and growing companies.

A robust solution powered by the included Oracle database, designed for ease of use and addressing complex Payroll and HR Timekeeping.

For the Supervisors, have them log-in to a custom Manager Dashboards module, with specific functions and tools to perform their oversite, filtered only to their assigned employee group(s), just a click away.

Timekeepers and Human Resource departments will appreciate the Employee Self Service module, where employees can log-in and then be empowered to easily; View their hours/Print their own Time Cards, Request Time Off, Request Schedule Change and View/Print Benefit Off-Time accrual balances, etc.

The Time and Attendance Software also has an Employee Punch module, which simplifies the user interface screen to allow employees to perform the Punch In/Out function only.
Manager Dashboards for Time and Attendance Software Employee Self Service Time and Attendance Software Employee Punch or Time Sheets Time and Attendance Software
Manager Dashboards Employee Self Service Employee Punch 


Our standard Time and Attendance Software is built from the ground up to run in a browser and is compatible with most popular browsers found on today's workstations, personal computers and mobile tablet devices...Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari and Google Chrome.
The InfiniTime Time Attendance Software performs much like a traditional computer program, however you must keep-in-mind, it opens and runs in a browser window, where multiple "browser" windows can be opened at once, for truly efficient navigation.
Compare this to other web time and attendance offerings, and you will typically find a clunky Page-Load experience, similiar to normal "one-page-at-a-time", web-surfing.
Time and Attendance Browsers

Competitors offer their products as a windows program, when purchasing their standard software, and a separate version built for browsers and web based access. Choose InfiniTime 7.0, for your organization and install it on a single workstation, internal network server, or internal web server for local and remote users on your company's network...same Features, same User Interface!

For a cutting edge Time and Attendance Solution, and when you do not have sophisticated networks, or the time or know how to manage any IT problems...Choose the InfiniTime Online Saas product line. This provides the easiest and quickest rollout, and is referred to as Software as a Service or Hosted Time and Attendance, with low monthly fees...same Features, same User Interface as the installed version of InfiniTime!
Your Choice- Installed or Hosted SaaS, InfiniTme covers both.

Purchase InfiniTime 7.0 for installation on your firm's server hardware.

Sign-Up for InfiniTime Online for benefits that an Saas Hosted system offers. (low monthly fees, lower IT).
Get the latest in Time and Attendance Software for your project, by utilizing this powerful Time and Attendace Software. Easily configure and deploy this powerful system to manage your firms local and remote workforce and allow management and staff quick access to vital payroll data.
Time and Attendance for the Mobile Workforce
Laptops, and now standard support for iPad and Android Tablets...the perfect Time and Attendance Solution for the mobile professional.
Easily access any of the InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software module(s), via the browser on most Tablet Sized devices. The InfiniTime 7.0 does not require an app, on the mobile tablet, just the device's browser. note: The smaller displays found on many smart phones, are not supported.
Mobile Time and Attendance


Time and Attendance Systems
These are complete Time and Attendance Systems, bundled with our Pros-Kit Service(s) which is a package that include our Standard Setup and Training services, to get the system installed, configured and your payroll team properly trained to use the system.
HP1000e Time and Attendance Clock InfiniTime Scout
Powerful Time and Attendance System. A perfect combination...InfiniTime,
the Time and Attendance Software paired with an HP1000e, the Biometric Time Clock. Eliminate employee buddy-punching and streamline the timekeeping task
Thor Employee Self Service Clock InfiniTime Thor
If your project for a Time and Attendance System requires features like Employee Self Service. Choose the ThorBio Fingerprint Time Clock and InfiniTime Software. The ThorBio Time and Attendance Clock extends out to the terminal, all of the employee self service features of the software

Time and Attendance Tracking

Our Time and Attendance Tracking automates the overall Timekeeping Task and greatly increases accuracy of the Payroll Process, ensuring payroll deadlines are met. Listed below are specifics on functionality that covers many standard features of the InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software. Empower your Payroll and Human Resource team and increase efficiencies for the complex processe(s), of your Workforce Management.

Configure Time and Attendance Tracking Easily Configure Time Attendance Rules for overtime, meal breaks, punch rounding, automatic Holidays, configure off time pay codes to track and other attendance rules specific to your company policies. Process Payroll Accurately and on Time Process Payroll Accurately and on time.
Automatic calculation of hours, Paperless Approvals and Payroll Integration with payroll providers and acounting software...achieve a true Punch-to-Paycheck solution.

Collect Time and Pay Employees Collect Worked Time, Job Hours accrued Benefit Time, store Employee Pictures, as well as much Human Resource information and Pay Employees without the administrative hassle. Configure Custom Manger Dashboards in the Software Create Custom Manger Dashboards for the Supervisor user base. Custom views
can be illustrated on the dashboard
in the style of a flowchart with written text instructions, even link to external web sites from the dashboard.

Time and Attendance Reports Easily configure and Save Your Common Reports. User Reports can be saved for printing, for fast recall. choose to display, print or e-mail them from within the Time and Attendance Tracking need to open Outlook. Mobility Alerts via SMS Texta and/or EMail Mobility Attendance Alerts via SMS Text Message and/or E-Mailed on Reports. Automatically set the InfiniTime Time Attendance Software to notify your Supervisors of Tardy, Absentees, etc. wherever they are

Employee Scheduling for Time and Attendance Tracking Employee Resource Scheduling when configured within the Time and Attendance
Software allows for workforce optimization. Control overtime, track tardiness and stay within budget.
Tracking of D.O.T. Driving Regulations Track truck drivers for D.O.T. Driving Regulations. The various tiers of Hours Thresholds of D.O.T are monitored and violations are reported.

EMailed Reports with Time Attendance Software Email Reports directly from Time and Attendance Software program. You can direct any report to print-to-a-printer and/or email, that same print job during the same session. Reports can also be configured for automatic printing or emailing. Employee Attendance Points Tracking Manage Attendance Tracking with Points. An effective way to deal with attendance problems is to implement a point system that rewards workers for positive attendance habits and identifies and informs managers of negative attendance trends.

Employee Imports into Time Attendance Database Import your Employee HR Data into the Time and Attendance database. . The standard import tool can map to the data columns of your source text file. Next, schedule that Import to run automatically. Print Employee PhotoID Badges Print Photo ID Badges for your Employees. The standard InfiniTime software can print a basic badge layout to Zebra plastic card printers, and others like DataCard, Evolis, etc. Custom Layouts for badges can be produced for an additional fee.

Absence Management of Benefit Hours Absence Management is built-in and integrated with Time Cards. Track and manage time off and absenteeism. Time and Attendance Tracking at it's best with an automatic benefit accruals engine. Employee's accrued benefit hours are at your fingertips...prevents paying for time not earned. Time Attendance Payroll Integration Integration with Payroll Providers and Payroll Accounting Software. Electronically Transfer employee hours into payroll services such as, ADP, PayChex, Intuit, CheckPoint, etc. Export to Accounting Software such as, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains, etc. Over 250 exports are currently available.

InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software Integrates with Active Directory Time and Attenadnce Software that Integrates with Active Directory for a true Single Sign-On application. Easily to configure, if your needs require this level of user less password to manage. PUSH Technologies for InfiniTime Time and Attendance System Our Time and Attendance System supports PUSH Technology, the real-time connection via your IP Based time clock hardware and the InfiniTime software. Select from the model Thor Fingerprint Terminal or the all-new Atlas 2000 Hand Reader time clock.

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